• I bought a laptop online and I got scammed of $4000. I was really upset and I sought to look for ways to recover my money back and thanks to Rapid recovery I was able to recover all funds back into my account. I really appreciate you guys for a job well done

  • These forex scammers are everywhere these days and I got scammed in a forex investment scam but all thanks to you guys I was able to recover all my funds. God bless you guys.

  • I am from UK, London and i have been scammed by fraudulent brokers and i thought i would never be able to recover my funds back but Rapid recovery made it possible for me to believe it’s possible to recover my funds back. Thanks guys you’re simply awesome

  • Sometimes it’s funny how things work. There I was thinking that my 0.659 BTC is lost forever and you guys came out of nowhere with solutions on how i can recover every dime back

  • Is it really possible for Rapid recovery to recover funds from romance scam? Did you have to open a Blockchain wallet account? When did you use their service? I am anxious about this process.

  • This day is a blessed day thanks to you guys. I was ashamed because i was involved in a romance scam but now i can say it proudly because i recovered my funds back. Nothing can be better than this. Thanks Rapid Recovery

  • They told me i couldn’t locate the romance scammer that stole my money which i believed until i met you guys. Now the scammer is in jail and i was able to get my money back thanks to your team’s effort

  • You guys are well composed in handling recovering cases. Even when i panicked you made me realized i don’t need to because I’ll get my bitcoins back which i did. You’re the best

  • You guys did all this for me with no upfront fee and made those brokers pay to their teeth.. You’re the best and i will go to all forums and tell the world about your services

  • Thank you Rapid recovery, you assisted my aunt in recovering her funds even though the bank said it could not be possible… Thanks and may God continue to bless your hard work

  • I lost 5 BTC to this fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platforms and with your expertise i was able to recover my funds back and i also made profits. Thanks, Rapid Recovery Tech

  • I can’t get this over my head I can’t even believe it’s was possible to recover my bitcoins back but you made me believe it’s possible. I’ll tell everyone online that you’re the number one recovery company in the world

  • I still can’t believe i have my funds back in my account and you did all this without taking any upfront fees. You’re simply awesome

  • These Instagram brokers are everywhere scamming people and are making life difficult for investors. They scammed me of $25,000 in bitcoins and with the help of Rapid Recovery Tech i was able to recover the funds in bitcoins and i made profits also. Rapid recovery Tech is the best

  • I cannot say enough positive things about Rapid Recovery! They successfully recovered all of my coins that I was told was “toast” by another company I am beyond thrilled, and they kept in close contact with me throughout the process. And I will add that they not only acted professionally, but were also friendly and helpful as well

  • I was completely devastated. Worried and scared that I had lost all my money popped in to Rapid Recovery and they were exceptional! They recovered 92% of my cryptocurrency and kept me informed all along the way. I would go to them again in a heartbeat.

  • Just because you have been scammed your btc, it does not mean that the coin is lost. I was referred to Rapid Recovery by a friend. Rapid recovery was very professional, pleasant and efficient. They recovered all btc and I would go back to them in a heartbeat if I have another recovery claim.

  • Rapid recovery tech was able to recover all my bitcoin in a short time period. The staff was helpful and very knowledgeable. They did an excellent job in an efficient manner. I would highly recommend

  • It’s amazing to know that there is a company like Rapid recovery tech. They did an amazing job in helping to recover lost assets. I’m really grateful and would choose them for anyone who needs assistance with recovery of assets.

  • We had been trying to get payment from a client for quite some time without any luck. They ignored all emails and phone calls so I was left with no option but to seek help from a reliable debt agency. After reviewing other competitors I chose Rapid recovery largely based on the fact they have experience recovering money within our business sector. After providing them with the relevant info needed they started working my case immediately and I was very surprised at how quickly they were able to recover the debt. The whole process was hassle free and very smooth, and the best part is it didn’t cost me a penny as Rapid recovery’s fee was recovered from the other side too! I cannot recommend them highly enough, I will certainly be using them again if and when the time arises.

  • As a professional recruitment company, choosing Rapid recovery to deal with our debtors has proven to be very successful. We don’t have many bad debtors but the couple we’ve passed to Sterling have both paid. One of the debts also required a court claim which the solicitor dealing with Rapid recovery team dealt with impeccably, in addition all our costs were recovered. Their knowledge of the recruitment sector goes a long way to bringing fast undisputed results. They even suggested tailored improvements in our own Terms, reducing exposure to similar problems from debtors in the future. I am confident and satisfied to be working with them.

  • I rate Rapid recovery 5 star
    The job they put into getting my btc back was extraordinary.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  • I have started saving already for my lost money of $10k until I met an advocate for Rapid Recovery
    I was at first disturbed but later I had to summon a little faith and gave them a try
    Not only was my money recovered back in less than a week, my savings will be used for my project as my money was already a happy thing for me and it will fill in so many of my debts
    Thank you so much much guys for lifting this useless debt off my neck.

  • I rcommend Rapid recovery for their legitimacy and for recovering my money back!!
    You guys deserve more
    I wish I can give more to you people other than comments
    I love you guys!!!

  • You guys recovered my BTC like magic.
    WOW!!!!!! What an achievement
    I’m in love with rapid recovery already

  • Rapid recovery tech team have done a Great job in recovering money for our company.
    Easy to communicate with and very efficient. Neil is a great help and a pleasure to do business with.
    We have struggled on a few occasions to recover money from customers however Rapid recovery team have recovered this in a short space of time! I would definitely recommend them as a partner.

  • In the past we have tended to go directly to a law firm when faced with a bad debt and often this ended up costing us more than we recovered. Rapid recovery focuses on getting the best financial outcome for us whereas a law firm just focusses on winning the case. Rapid recovery involves their solicitor early in the process to negotiate with the debtor. This means they can usually collect the debt without going to court and if legal action is needed they have a better understanding of what is involved and which route to take. I regularly recommend Rapid recovery tech to my clients if they have trouble with bad debtors.

  • At the end of last year, we experienced trouble with a client who stopped paying their bills and at the same started ignoring our emails and phone calls. We eventually appointed Rapid Debt Recovery and were amazed at the speed with which they managed to recover funds which we had all but given up as lost. The debt was paid in full with late payment fees and interest on top, which more than paid for the fees from Rapid recovery. They provided an incredibly efficient and effective service and were a pleasure to deal with: friendly and responsive. In addition they have provided valuable advice for the future wording of contracts to maximise the amount of fees and interest that can be charged in the event of late payment. We would definitely use them again.

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